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Late Night With Chip & Paulie 2 (November 18, 2021)

Chip & Paulie discuss practice management topics such as budgeting and employee appreciation. They are later joined by guests Dr. Katrina Skinner, Jamie Pawlowski, and Carol Cox for a segment focused on storytelling in pediatrics. The speakers highlight the value of storytelling for advocacy, social media, and professional settings, and provide practical insights and discounts for upcoming events and courses for pediatric practitioners.

Guests: Dr. Katrina Skinner, Carol Cox, and Jamie Poslosky

Download Slide Deck Here


1. Practical advice on budgeting for pediatric practices is provided, including promotion of a detailed budgeting video and spreadsheet accessible with a coupon code.

2. The program includes insights on Covid vaccine coding and billing for pediatric practices.

3. Discussion on unemployment and economy as factors influencing pediatric practice management.

4. Highlight of the importance of showing appreciation for staff to build a successful practice.

5. Emphasis on developing storytelling skills for advocacy, communication, and connection, particularly on social media.