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Chip & Paulie Webinar 15 (August 20, 2020)

Chip & Paulie outlined strategies for running pediatric practices amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Hiral Lavania explained her drive-through flu clinic setup, emphasizing planning, logistics, and problem-solving. Dr. Katrina Skinner shared leadership insights, advocating for effective communication, advocating for practices, and embracing a growth mindset, while also announcing the Women in Pediatrics conference designed to support female pediatricians.

Guests: Dr. Katrina Skinner & Dr. Hiral Lavania

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1. Dr. Lavania implemented a drive-through flu clinic to minimize contact and maintain patient flow, adapting the clinic’s logistics and resources (Wi-Fi, vaccine coolers, staff roles).

2. Dr. Katrina Skinner emphasized the importance of growth mindset and leadership in navigating pandemic challenges.

3. Highlighted strategies include effective communication, advocating for the practice, and continuous learning and adaptation.

4. Social media and local media engagement were recommended for improved patient communication and advocacy.

5. The federal PPP loan forgiveness process is slow, with potential tax implications for practices.

6. The panel mentioned a potential second draw of PPP loans and updates under the proposed HEALS Act, expanding eligible expenses and simplifying forgiveness.