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Chip & Paulie Webinar 16 (September 20, 2020)

Dr. Tanya Altman discusses her experience with a direct care pediatric practice showing a different approach to patient engagement and office management during COVID-19. Jan Blanchard concludes with updates on new coding changes effective January 2021 and a new PPE billing code, emphasizing how pediatric practices can adapt to the new documentation practices and why it's important to stay updated with coding best practices.

Guests: Jan Blanchard & Dr. Tanya Altman

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1. **Flu Clinic Success Stories:** Chip shared positive outcomes from clients successfully running flu shot clinics and drive-through setups, emphasizing innovative methods during Covid-19.
2. **Unemployment and Economic Concerns:** There were significant mentions about current unemployment figures, historical comparison, continued unemployment claims, and how this could influence healthcare practices and Medicaid conversions.
3. **Cash Flow Management:** Stress on the importance of weekly budgeting, managing PGP loans, and tax implications related to loan forgiveness under IRS guidelines.
4. **Direct Care Model:** Doctor Tanya Altman shared experiences and benefits of running a direct care pediatric practice, emphasizing patient engagement, custom care, and shifting time management.
5. **E&M Coding Changes 2021:** Jan Blanchard discussed incoming changes to Evaluation and Management (ENM) coding, focusing on new definitions of time, medical decision-making, removal of history and physical exam requirements from leveling complexity, and anticipated impacts on billing.
6. **PPE Coding Addition:** Introduction to a new billing code (99072) for additional PPE and sanitation costs during the Covid-19 public health emergency, effective immediately, highlighting its interpretation and potential payer delays.
7. **Practice Adjustments & Future Planning:** Advice to practices on adjusting templates, scheduling follow-ups, and ensuring thorough, timely documentation in light of billing and coding changes. The importance of personal care and adaptive planning in ongoing pandemic circumstances was also emphasized.