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Late Night With Chip & Paulie 12 (November 17, 2022)

The conversation ranged from current financial practices and compounding factors in pediatrics to essential retirement planning tips shared by Dr. Jesse Hackell. Key points included the importance of financial discipline, considerations for transitioning to a higher vaccine cost-benefit analysis, and planning for retirement with a focus on maintaining medical licenses and securing disability insurance. Attendees were reminded to start retirement planning early and to explore interests beyond medicine to ensure a fulfilling post-retirement life.

Guest: Dr. Jesse Hackell

Download Slide Deck Here


1. **Focus for the Week**: The discussion emphasizes the need for pediatricians to continuously analyze situations, make informed decisions, and act quickly, citing experiences from COVID-19’s impact on operations.

2. **RSV and Flu Data**: Chip Hart presents data on the surge in RSV and flu cases, showing significant regional differences and record numbers of parents missing work due to children’s illnesses.

3. **AAP and National Response**: The American Academy of Pediatrics calls for a national response to the RSV and flu surge, highlighting issues including Medicaid underpayment, hospital bed shortages, and telemedicine flexibility.

4. **Google Analytics Update**: Paulie mentions the need for practices to update to the new Google Analytics platform before the current version ends in June-July, to continue tracking website activity.

5. **Private Equity Impact**: A discussion on the negative impact of private equity on healthcare, including the monopolization and increased costs of medical supplies and services.

6. **Vaccine Purchase Policies**: An explanation of Merck’s new discount policy linking the purchase of their 15-valent pneumococcal vaccine to discounts on other products like Gardasil, and the possible future competition with Pfizer's 20-valent option.

7. **Retirement Planning**: Dr. Jesse Hackel provides a detailed overview of retirement planning for pediatricians, touching on financial preparation, identity beyond the profession, legal agreements, unexpected events, and maintaining interests outside of medicine.