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Late Night With Chip & Paulie 10 (September 22, 2022)

In this webinar, Chip & Paulie discuss various topics including the economic impacts of inflation, employee retention credits, and highlights from recent news related to healthcare. Notably, special guest Dr. Seth Kaplan shares his deeply personal journey through a severe health crisis, offering valuable lessons on self-care, the importance of preparation for unexpected events, and the necessity of kindness towards oneself. His participation underscores the critical need for healthcare providers to take care of their own physical and mental well-being while managing their practices effectively.

Guest: Dr. Seth Kaplan

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1. **Economic Environment for Practices**: Discussion on inflation pressures, Federal Reserve tactics to address it, and how these affect pediatric practices, including cost control and hiring.

2. **Healthcare Sector Insights**: Issues hospitals face, such as financial strain and staff cutbacks tied to Medicare loans and hospital bed availability due to non-COVID illnesses.

3. **Vaccination Issues**: Merck's new discount strategy linking Gardasil vaccine pricing with the use of their new pneumococcal vaccine, criticized as an abusive practice.

4. **Employee Retention Credit (ERC)**: Detailed discussion about ERC eligibility, the complexity of the application process, high consultancy fees, potential recoup risks, and reputable resources for assistance.

5. **Personal Health Crises and Practice Management**: Dr. Seth Kaplan shares his experience with a serious health diagnosis, treatment, and the impact on his practice, emphasizing preparation for disability and business continuity amidst personal health crises.

6. **Self-Care and Professional Insights**: Dr. Kaplan highlighted the importance of self-care, being prepared for health crises, and maintaining transparency with patients and staff during such times.

7. **Insurance Guidance**: Recommendations on disability insurance and business interruption coverage specific to healthcare practitioners, citing personal experiences for context.