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Late Night With Chip & Paulie 3 (December 16, 2021)

The discussion centered on the roles and financial considerations of employing non-physician clinicians such as nurse practitioners or physician assistants in medical practices. The exchange highlighted the varying effectiveness and criteria for integrating extenders, including managed care plan limitations, salary guidelines, and the importance of fostering environments where extenders feel supported and know when to ask for help. Additionally, there was detailed advice on managing end-of-year finances, especially in light of recent federal financial support, emphasizing the need to check compliance and wisely allocate incoming funds.

Guest: Dr. Christoph Diasio

Download Slide Deck Here


1. The topic of discussion involves the utilization of mid-level practitioners (non-physicians) in medical practice.

2. Key discussion points include tax planning, budgeting, and managing HRSa phase four funding.

3. The recent unexpected funding from HRSA was a major focus, with tips on checking bank accounts for deposits.

4. The webinar reiterates the importance of cash flow management for practices, especially during unexpected financial events.

5. Different perspectives on the role of nurse practitioners and physician assistants in practice and how they can supplement physician care were discussed.

6. There was an emphasis on planning for projected changes in patient care needs and provider capacity, noting that the workload has become more complex in recent years.

7. The discussion also touched on compensation structures for both physicians and mid-level practitioners, aiming for effective and fair financial planning.

8. Tips were provided on maximizing the use of government funds, such as prepaying for vaccine invoices to optimize financial management and possibly reducing taxable income.