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Late Night With Chip & Paulie 11 (October 27, 2022)

Chip & Paulie discussed various issues affecting pediatric practices, including the increasing costs of healthcare and the financial challenges faced by hospitals in maintaining pediatric units. Dr. Scott Krugman highlighted the trend of hospitals closing pediatric beds and the impact this has on communities, stressing the need for greater advocacy and systemic changes in healthcare delivery for children. Additionally, practical tips were provided for managing financial matters such as employee bonuses, health insurance rate increases, and end-of-year distributions for pediatric practices.

Guest: Dr. Scott Krugman

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1. **Utilization of Pediatric Sick Visits**: Chip highlights the increase in modified sick visits during well-visits, attributing it to mental health issues in older kids. Common diagnoses during well visits include ADHD, common cold, asthma, anxiety, and related mental health concerns.

2. **National Pediatric Health Expenditure**: Discussion on New York’s investment in addressing social determinants of health, employee retention credit warnings from the IRS, and the significant cost burden of employed physicians on hospitals.

3. **Impact of Hospital Bed Closures**: Dr. Krugman elaborates on the closures of pediatric units across the U.S., due to financial pressures on hospitals, leading to fewer beds for children and the strain on pediatric practices. The importance of advocacy and community involvement in addressing these gaps is emphasized.