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Chip & Paulie Webinar 19 (December 17, 2020)

Dr. Affan discussed how his predominantly Medicaid practice thrives by leveraging value-based care models to reduce per-patient costs and build favorable contracts with insurers. Dr. Katie Schaefer highlighted the importance of maintaining a fun and engaging workplace culture during COVID-19 through various creative activities, emphasizing the positive impact on employee morale and patient care.

Guests: Dr. Katie Schafer & Dr. Ashraf Affan


1. Dr. Affan discussed Medicaid and uninsured children.
2. Katie Schaefer shared how her practice fosters a fun and positive environment.
3. Panelists discussed the importance of combating challenges with solutions and not just complaining.
4. Recent FDA approval for Moderna and Pfizer Covid vaccines was mentioned.
5. Discrepancy in flu shot uptake among different racial groups was highlighted.
6. Importance of adjusting practice fees using data tools and staying updated on vaccine prices.