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Chip & Paulie Webinar 10 (May 21, 2020)

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has been advocating tirelessly to provide financial support for pediatric practices impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, emphasizing the critical role of pediatricians in monitoring the health and well-being of children who have otherwise become invisible during the crisis. The organization has engaged in high-level discussions with federal officials and other stakeholders to secure funds, including the Paycheck Protection Program and Provider Relief Fund, despite ongoing delays and challenges in the disbursement of these funds. Additionally, pediatricians are urged to actively share their experiences with media and policymakers, engage with state chapters, and utilize the AAP's communication tools to promote the safety and necessity of in-person well-child visits and vaccinations to sustain pediatric health care delivery.

Guest: Mark DelMonte

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1. **AAP Engagement during Covid-19**: The conversation underscores the significant engagement of pediatricians and the AAP in responding to the challenges posed by Covid-19, highlighting the rapid innovation and resilience demonstrated by pediatricians.

2. **The AAP's Advocacy Efforts**: Detailed breakdown of AAP's advocacy work, including pushing for financial relief for pediatric practices, improving telehealth and Medicaid support, addressing vaccine delivery, and ensuring federal and state support for pediatric healthcare.

3. **Media and Advocacy Engagement**: Speakers stress the importance of pediatricians engaging with media and political figures at local and federal levels to highlight the crucial role of pediatricians and the needs of child healthcare.

4. **Federal Relief Funding Updates**: Mark provides an update on the status of federal relief funds for pediatric practices, emphasizing ongoing efforts to secure and distribute these funds despite existing delays.

5. **Vaccine Administration Concerns**: Discussion about the urgent need to stabilize the childhood vaccine infrastructure to prevent secondary outbreaks and prepare for future vaccines, including Covid-19.

6. **State-Level Medicaid Challenges**: Exploration of the ongoing difficulties with state-level Medicaid funding and payment issues, reflecting on the economic constraints faced by pediatricians and the need for systemic improvements.

7. **AAP’s Tools for Pediatricians**: Introduction of AAP’s new resources, including the "Call Your Pediatrician" social media campaign and upcoming summer camp guidance to help practitioners and parents navigate Covid-19 changes.

8. **Call to Action for Pediatricians**: Mark encourages pediatricians to share their stories with media and policymakers, engage with their state chapters, and actively participate in initiatives to reassure families and drive practice volumes back up.