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Chip & Paulie Webinar 13 (July 2, 2020)

Chip & Paulie reflected on the challenges and strategies amid the COVID-19 pandemic, emphasizing the need for strong leadership, financial prudence, and employee morale in pediatric practices. Key suggestions included proactive planning for the upcoming flu season, ensuring safe office environments, and leveraging telemedicine for initial consultations to maintain service continuity while minimizing risks. 

Guests: Misha Moore, Amy Stewart, & Dr. Robin Warner

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1. **Leadership Insights**: Emphasis on the importance of effective leadership in managing administrative and clinical operations, sharing workloads, and avoiding micromanagement.

2. **Staff Well-being**: Highlighted the significance of being mindful of staff's mental well-being, over-preparations during economic uncertainties, and the importance of engaging with and supporting employees.

3. **Vaccination Focus**: Discussed the importance of preparing for an intense flu vaccine campaign in the context of COVID-19, including various communication strategies to reach patients.

4. **Telemedicine and Safety**: The shift towards telemedicine to reduce physical interaction and its continued adoption post-pandemic, along with maintaining office safety protocols.

5. **Community and Resources**: The value of collaboration with local practices, using trusted resources like the AAP, and the importance of being part of supportive professional groups.

6. **Strategic Planning**: Urged practices to focus on strategic long-term planning, restructuring practice cultures, and being adaptable to changing circumstances.

7. **Economic Caution**: Cautioned about over-reliance on current economic stimuli, urging fiscal prudence, regular cash flow monitoring, and conserving resources as employment rates and economic conditions remain unstable.