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Chip & Paulie Webinar 5 (April 16, 2020)

The webinar focused on the challenges pediatric practices face during the COVID-19 pandemic and explored strategic opportunities for navigating the crisis, including telemedicine, improving efficiency, and optimizing operations. This webinar emphasized the importance of proactive communication with patients, embracing new business practices, and leveraging opportunities for marketing and leadership growth. Recommendations also included focusing on maintaining patient relationships and making necessary adjustments promptly to manage the changing landscape effectively.

Guests: Dr. Una & Dr. Fernando Ysern

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1. **SBA Loans Discussion**:
   - Overview of the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL). 
   - PPP funds have run out, shifting the focus to other financial options.
   - Explanation of loan forgiveness criteria and the importance of cash flow planning.

2. **Impact of COVID-19**:
   - Emphasis on handling the unprecedented drop in patient volumes and cash flow constraints due to the pandemic.
   - Discussed the importance of Medicaid enrollment and advocacy for pediatric practices during these times.

3. **Reinvention and Telemedicine**:
   - Dr. Una highlighted the opportunity for practices to adopt telemedicine, improve operational efficiency, and embrace lean operations.

4. **Leadership and Marketing**:
   - Encouraged proactive leadership and entrepreneurial development.
   - Stressed the need for effective patient communication and marketing efforts to maintain patient engagement.

5. **Adjusting to New Norms**:
   - Dr. Ysern shared experiences from Puerto Rico, emphasizing adaptability in crises, and using opportunity from chaos to reshape practices.
   - Referenced historical examples, like Kellogg's and Apollo 13, to illustrate successful crisis management.

5. **Importance of Well Visits via Telemedicine**:
   - AAP’s endorsement for performing well visits through telemedicine, with a focus on catching up in-person for necessary physical exams and immunizations when safe.

6. **Addressing the Insurance Challenges**:
   - Noted challenges with insurance payments, especially with ERISA plans, and the need for pediatric practices to be proactive in fighting for appropriate reimbursements.

7. **Moving Forward**:
    - Promotion of future sessions and resources like the forum for continued support.
    - Highlighted the significance of maintaining a positive attitude, continual learning, and not being afraid to innovate and adapt in order to thrive through the pandemic and beyond.