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Chip & Paulie Webinar 12 (June 18, 2020)

Chip & Paulie discuss crucial strategies for managing cash flow, patient recall, and media engagement to sustain practice operations during the COVID-19 crisis. Dr. Brown and Dr. Hill emphasized the significance of maintaining a strong media presence and sharing relatable patient stories to reassure the community and advocate for pediatric needs. Additionally, Dr. Suzanne Berman detailed the application process for the CARES Act Medicaid and CHIP Targeted Distribution fund, urging practices to apply for potential relief funds to cover COVID-related financial impacts.

Guests: Dr. Suzanne Berman, Dr. Ari Brown, & Dr. David Hill

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Here's a summary of the discussed webinar in 10 bullet points:

1. **Importance of Media**: Doctors Brown and Hill emphasized using media to advocate for pediatric practices, educating families, and enhancing public health communication. They discussed the types of media (owned, rented, earned) and focusing on storytelling and relatable content.

2. **COVID-19 Financial Challenges**: The webinar stressed the importance of financial management during the pandemic, including budgeting, recall of patients for well visits, and applying for aid programs such as the CARES Act.

3. **Data Analytics**: Trends in pediatric practice volumes were analyzed, showing a significant drop in sick visits but an increase in well visits back to or exceeding pre-COVID levels. Emphasis was on using data to make informed business decisions.

4. **CARES Act Application**: Doctor Susan Berman explained the intricacies of the CARES Act's financial aid for Medicaid and CHIP providers, urging pediatricians to apply even if funds are not immediately needed.

5. **Interactive Forum**: Encouragement to participate in the interactive forum provided by PCC and PMI to share information and support each other in navigating financial and operational challenges during the pandemic.

6. **Follow-Up Actions**: Participants were advised to continue budgeting, patient recalls, applying for financial relief programs, and actively engaging with media and their patient communities.