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What is the number one ingredient of a successful medical practice?

PMI consultants have identified key elements for a successful practice...having the right people on your team is the single biggest item that contributes to the success of a pediatric practice.  It's imperative to avoid staff displaying a negative attitude, termed the "Mulligrubs," as they impact the patient's final impression. Patients vividly remember their emotional experience more than specific details of their visit.  Exemplary service underscores compassion and empathy's importance. Ultimately, the emotional impression left on patients is the single largest influence on whether a patient is truly satisfied with their pediatrician.

Key Takeaways

  1. Importance of the Right People- Having the right people in your organization is the number one ingredient for a successful practice and excellent customer service. This involves ensuring that staff, especially those on the front line, are personable and positive.
  2. Impact of Emotional Response- The lasting impression and feelings that patients have when they leave a practice are more important than the specific actions taken. The emotional experience often outweighs the actual medical service provided.
  3. Creating Positive Experiences- Practices should focus on providing an emotionally positive experience for patients. The way staff portrays care, understanding, and empathy is crucial in creating lasting positive impressions.