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Late Night With Chip & Paulie 5 (February 24, 2022)

Chip & Paulie talk about the "No Surprises Act," highlighting its relevance to general pediatricians, even those in independent practices. Essential elements include providing written, personalized, good faith estimates to self-pay patients prior to their appointments, and detailing expected charges along with potential additional costs. Despite the challenges, practical steps were discussed using data analysis to predict typical charges, emphasizing that adhering to these requirements is manageable and can aid in streamlining billing processes and ensuring compliance.

Guest: Dr. Suzanne Berman

Downnload Slide Deck Here


1. **Importance of Resilience**: Emphasized the significance of never quitting in pediatric care, particularly amid ongoing challenges like the pandemic and evolving healthcare policies.

2. **Recent Trends**: Data presented showed a slight decline in pediatric visits recently, with specific trends in sick visits, well visits, vaccination-only visits, and telemedicine.

3. **Federal Law Updates**: Noted upcoming free webinars on federal provider relief fund compliance and a virtual CME event on behavioral health integration, emphasizing the ongoing resources available for pediatric practices.

4. **Practice Management Calendar Tips**: Advised practices to update wall signs, materials, employee lists, and complete tech upgrades. Highlighted timely tasks to enhance practice management.

5. **Cash Flow Management**: Stressed the importance of planning year-end distributions and compliance with HRSA reporting due by March 31. Shared insights on how to manage changes in Common Area Maintenance (CAM) charges.

6. **No Surprises Act Details**: Explained that even independent pediatric practices must comply with the act for self-pay and effectively self-pay patients, requiring personalized good faith estimates provided before appointments.

7. **Compliance Practicalities**: Provided practical advice on generating Good Faith Estimates (GFE) using historical charge data to predict costs accurately and emphasized the allowances and limitations within the act.