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Late Night With Chip & Paulie 4 (January 21, 2022)

The webinar discussed various topics, including an update on COVID-19's impact and the trends in pediatric practices, focusing on E&M distributions and sick-to-well visit ratios. The risks associated with non-ADA compliant websites in California pediatric practices were highlighted, emphasizing the need for precautionary measures. The session also featured Dr. Seth Kaplan, who shared his experiences and challenges as the President of the Texas Pediatric Society, particularly emphasizing the importance and impact of organized medical advocacy and media engagement for pediatricians.

Guest: Dr. Seth Kaplan

Download Slide Deck Here


1. Dr. Kaplan shares his experience and challenges faced while serving as president during the pandemic, and his involvement with media and advocacy.

2. Highlights from the recent physician extender discussion and the shift focus towards RVU-based contracts in the current webinar.

3. Discussion about recent trends in pediatric benchmarks, including shifts in E&M code distributions and sick-to-well visit ratios.

4. Warnings concerning ADA compliance lawsuits related to pediatric practice websites, particularly critical for California practices.

5. Insights into the impact of COVID-19 federal assistance programs and practical advice for pediatric practices on managing HRSA fund reporting.

6. Overview of RVU-based contracts, including their components, use in compensation models, and potential challenges in independent practices.