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Chip & Paulie Webinar 9 (May 14, 2020)

Chip, Paulie, and the webinar guests discussed initiatives to adapt pediatric practices post-quarantine. They emphasized the importance of strategic planning in areas ranging from operational adjustments and patient and staff safety to leveraging new technologies and addressing HR challenges. Their mission is to create a thorough resource or guide to support practices, incorporating feedback from the pediatric community, to ensure successful adaptation in the new landscape shaped by COVID-19.

Guests: Dr. Susan Sirota, Dr. Jeanine Marconi, & Dr. Kerry Fierstein

Download Slide Deck Here


1. **Operational Strategies Post-COVID**:
   - **Jeanine Marconi**: Emphasized having a champion/team for a post-quarantine practice, revising practice policies, and ensuring environmental safety.
   - **Carrie Fierstein**: Discussed keeping both patients and staff safe, new workflow strategies, and the significance of balancing staff roles and physical spaces.
   - **Susan Sirota**: Focused on leveraging technology, considering long-term benefits, and revising staff roles based on tech adoption.

2. **Data Insights**:
   - **Telemedicine**: The shift in visit types and revenue between in-person and telemedicine visits, highlighting a significant drop in average revenue per visit during telemedicine consultations.
   - **Diagnosis Distribution**: Different trends in diagnoses seen in telemedicine versus in-person visits, which will influence future practice workflows.

3. **Patient and Staff Concerns**:
   - **Patient Safety**: Maintaining trust with patients through visible safety measures like masks and sanitization.
   - **Staff Health and Workflow**: Defining what qualifies staff as "healthy" enough to work, PPE requirements, and adjusting roles based on individual circumstances.

4. **Ongoing Adaptation**: Using COVID-19 as an opportunity to re-evaluate practices, innovate workflows, and capitalize on newly adopted technologies for efficiency.

5. **AAP's Role**: The importance of the American Academy of Pediatrics in advocating for pediatricians at the national level, setting up policies, and helping practices access necessary funds.

6. **Financial Strategies**: Details on various financial options and strategies, including understanding the implications of advance payments from insurers and other financial aids.

7. **Final Thought**: The session wrapped up with a look forward to future guest Mark Del Monte, emphasizing the continued need for advocacy, adapting to new norms, and engaging the wider pediatric community to share best practices and support each other through ongoing challenges.