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Scheduling In Pediatrics


Scheduling In Pediatrics


The key to a smooth running Pediatric practice is a well-organized appointment scheduling process. Often times, patient and provider satisfaction are largely impacted by a well-oiled process to schedule patients and allocate the appropriate amount of time for the visit. Do you ever wonder why a certain patient was scheduled at a particular time?  Why do you have an ADHD conference in the middle of the afternoon during flu season? At what age do you want your patients transitioned to same-sex providers?  To help keep your practice appointment scheduling under control, I have a great tool that you can use to avoid scheduling mishaps and keep everyone in the practice on the same page.  

You can access the tool by clicking the link below. This tool is a list of common Pediatric situations that come up while your staff schedule patient appointments.  Have each provider in the office fill out the form and make copies for everyone to help keep your appointments flowing through the day.

Click Here For SlideDeck

Click Here For Scheduling Guide (PDF)

Click Here For Scheduling Guide (Excel)