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Late Night With Chip & Paulie 6 (March 31, 2022)

Dr. Una emphasizes the importance of incorporating entrepreneurial business skills for physicians to thrive, urging practitioners to adapt and embrace a mindset of continuous learning. The conversation expands into the specifics of strategic planning, stressing the need for both data analysis and establishing clear, actionable goals to guide a practice efficiently into the future while addressing potential market opportunities and internal strengths.

Guest: Dr. Una

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1. **Thoughts on Team Dynamics**: Emphasis on the importance of respect, trust, and care within a team, and the particular role of physicians in setting examples.

2. **Strategic Planning**: Main agenda includes strategic planning, which involves analyzing personal and business goals, market conditions, and practice capabilities.

3. **Tools and Processes**: Introduction to tools like SWOT analysis for internal scanning and competitive strategy development.

4. **Reports and Surveys**: Importance of gathering detailed reports and market analysis for informed decision-making.

5. **Commitment to Communication**: Stress on continuous communication between practice partners and the significance of strategic planning for ensuring the success and sustainability of the practice.